Designing Your Emails: 10 Best Practices

When it comes to designing emails there is more than text and a few pictures to take into consideration. This article highlights 10 best practices for designing your emails.

1. Design for the Top 600 Pixels by Three Inches
Your email will most likely need to sell itself within an email preview pane no matter what email service provider it’s sent to. You’ll have about 600 pixels of length across and about three inches of depth. You need to make sure that your value proposition, your call-to-action, and any key information that will compel users to keep reading is in that space. Avoid heavy use of graphics that may not load when designing the email preview pane section of an email template.
2. Make Links Look Like Links
If you want the best click-through possible, you’ll want to make your links not only look like links but also stand out. At a minimum, links in your email should always be underlined. Ideally, links will be formatted in a blue font and will also be bolded. If your style guidelines prohibit links from being bold or blue, make sure that they are underlined. Do not ever use images or buttons to denote a link or, if you do, make sure that there is a corresponding text link nearby.
3. Minimize the Use of Images
While images do have unquestionable visually compelling results, always remember that in the vast majority of your subscribers email service providers inboxes images will not load. The more you use images, the more that the vast majority of your email subscribers will see blank white space. While you certainly want to include some images for those who can see them, don’t rely on images alone to sell your product or convey your message. Be sure that any information that it is critical that your subscriber knows is not trapped in an image. Always use alt and title text behind images to ensure that there is still copy appearing even when your images do not load.

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