Is your B2B email marketing inspiring?

If it is like most B2B marketing campaigns, it’s uninspiring. 

Lionel Knight of Upshot ask, “Why are business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications so dull?  Check your office junk mail folder for B2B sales emails, I think you’ll agree that the standards are dreadful.”

I agree with Knight when he goes on to say, “Why is this? The common answer is that business people (apparently unlike “normal” people) are totally rational and can’t be influenced by anything as squishy as “emotion” in sales or marketing pitches. I just don’t buy that. People don’t change how they react to marketing when they’re at work,”


Here one study Upshot did of to see the impact of a depressing message versus an inspiring message.  The results are worth noting:

The study concludes, “You can (and should) work to affect emotions in your messaging and visual stimuli. Emotion is a powerful tool and deeply affects the way business decision makers react to marketing communications.”

I agree with this and only wish to add… This is what List Engage can help you with.  It’s in our DNA to have email campaigns that inspire, that pop and lift up emotions.  Ask us about the difference we feel when we are challenged to make it inspiring – we love it!

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