Want Google to analyze your email habits? Hello Google Meter!



Via Mashable - The search engine giant highlighted on its Official Blog last week a program called Google Meter that allows Gmail users to learn more about their inbox. Called Gmail Meter, the program analyzes email patterns to give a better sense of overall inbox activity. Gmail Meter was developed by Romain Vialard, a Google Apps Script Top Contributor, so it wasn’t created by Google but the site supports it.
Gmail Meter runs on the first day of every month and sends users an email containing different statistics about your Inbox.
For example, Gmail Meter provides stats about the number of important and starred messages in your inbox, as well as how often you email with others. Additional features include a tool that reveals stats on how you manage your inbox and how you how long it takes for you to reply (and how long it takes for them to respond).
What does this mean for business and your email marketing campaigns? It could be a great help for users that interact with your emails - but it could also mean certain death for your emails if users are constantly skimming and deleting. If a user is looking at the emails received statistic, they may notice how many emails you are sending them, or who is sending the most emails to them. You want to be at the forefront of useful content and useful emails, so that they don't search out your most recent email and unsubscribe. Google Meter will up the ante of email content - it was important before, but now, it may be the primary focus. 

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