Measuring Baseball in the Most Social of Centuries

Social MediaThis month, on April 20, Fenway Park (the home of the Boston Red Sox) will turn 100 years old. Baseball has had a pretty good run since the earlier 20th century, but aside from the bats, balls, gloves, rivalries and a diamond-shaped infield, there isn’t much else that’s stayed the same around the game from 1912 to today.

So, I suppose it’s not too surprising that in 2012, major league teams are no longer just judged by their ability to impress the crowds on the field –but are now measured by their ability to win hearts on the web as well:

During the 2011-2012 baseball offseason, social media agency Banyan Bunch actually measured and analyzed what Major League teams and players are the most socially influential on the web – and published their results in this detailed infograph. In somewhat predictable (and ironic) fashion, right now the Yankees dominate the social waves, with the Red Sox nipping at their heels (sound familiar?) and all other organizations’ followings paling in comparison to these two attention hogs.

Most valuable tweeter? Nick Swisher of the Yanks.
Most active team on Twitter? Head straight to the source – San Francisco Giants (and home of Twitter!)

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