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Marketing Champion
Championing Engagement

Championing Engagement & Leading Customer Success

Marketing Champions are selected annually by Salesforce.

The Marketing Champion program includes global membership of individuals with years dedicated to improving their Salesforce knowledge, understanding of marketing strategy, and keen ability to pair technology to connected customer experiences.


These ListEngage Marketing Champions are dedicated to increasing knowledge across the ecosystem, sharing high-value strategy insights, and increasing the quality of end-customer experiences.

Meet Our Champions

ListEngage’s Marketing Champions are gurus all things marketing, MarTech, and customer engagement. Plus, each of them focus on a niche areas of specialization.

Angela Fabek

Angela Fabek
Strategic Consultant

"I’ve put in a lot of time to understand the tool and I’ve put a lot of time into helping others understand the tool. I’ve spent years learning and I still learn more every day. I’m proud and humbled to be named a Marketing Champion this year."
- Angela Fabek

Focus: A/B testing, Organization Change Management (OCM), & strategic engagement

Cole Fisher

Cole Fisher
Strategic Solution lead

"I couldn’t be happier to join the ranks of such phenomenal individuals in the Marketing Champions program. I’m excited to see how we can advance our understanding and utilization of data and marketing for the betterment of the end-user experience."
- Cole Fisher

Focus: Psychology of marketing, Data Cloud, end-customer engagement, UX/UI

Julie Marques

Julie Marques
Director of Strategic Consulting

“I am incredibly thrilled and honored to be part of the Marketing Champion program. I have been supporting marketers in the Salesforce ecosystem for about 10 years... Salesforce is by far the most complete solution available for marketers to launch incredible customer experiences."
- Julie Marques

Focus: Einstein & Artificial Intelligence, the power of data, automating workflow

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